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Poster in the fluid

Digitization has been a definitive topic for years, with many companies and industries looking to digitize their operations, processes and products. In addition to digitization, current trends are also emerging in the areas of sustainability, increased efficiency and flexibility. These topics were also central to the Fluid Technology Colloquium 2022 in Aachen. Digitalization is thus an important step on the way to more integration and automation, which Andreas Lupold Hydrotechnik GmbH is consistently taking with new innovations.

This was also underlined by the publication of Marvin Schell, who presented his work on “Development of a hybrid pump control based on a digital hydraulic controller” at IFK 2022. His publication highlights the importance of an open exchange between research and industry to develop new technologies that can take us to the next level of integration.

Schell’s work was featured in the journal Fluid (Technology 2022 issue), where his poster, titled “beyond digital,” was displayed alongside those of other papers presenting at the conference.

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