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Lupold puts its new photovoltaic plant into operation

We are pleased to announce that our photovoltaic system is finally installed and put into operation.

With the total of 246 modules installed, we can cover part of our electricity requirements from renewable energies.

This is a further step towards a sustainable business. In the future, our company will be able to generate some of its own energy needs, further improving its green footprint. By using renewable energies, we also promote the environment and contribute to its relief.

We are proud to improve our green footprint and live up to our responsibility towards the environment. By commissioning our new photovoltaic system, we are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

The commissioning of our new photovoltaic plant is not only a step towards a greener footprint, but also an investment in the future. Our company is not the only one to benefit from the introduction of this technology. The entire environment will benefit by using clean energy and minimizing fossil fuel emissions.

We believe that investing in this environmentally friendly technology is a wise decision and will have a positive impact on the future of the world. Thanks to our photovoltaic system, we can already make the difference and help create a greener world.

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Lupold puts its new photovoltaic plant into operation